Editorial Team


Brian D. Beitzel, Ph.D.

Professor of Educational Psychology

SUNY Oneonta, NY, USA

Editorial Board

Dr. Matthew D. George, Humphreys College Academy of Business, USA

Dr. Dawn Hamlin, SUNY Oneonta, USA

Prof. Dr. Jowati Binti Juhary, National Defence University of Malaysia, Malaysia

Prof. Aftab A. Khan, Longwood University, USA

Dr. Fida Sanjakdar, Monash University, Australia

Dr. Anuradhaa Shastri, SUNY Oneonta, USA

Dr. Francis Thornton, SUNY Oneonta, USA

Dr. Richard Walker, University of York, United Kingdom

Prof. Michele Williams-George, Humphreys University, USA

Editorial Assistants

Tharindi Wijesinghe

Sachithra Irugalbandara

Contact Details: brian.beitzel@oneonta.edu / tharindi.wijesinghe@tiikmedu.com / sachithra.irugalbandara@tiikmedu.com

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