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Unveiling the Role of AI in Research: Special Conference Day Workshop with Prof. Axel Kaehne

Unveiling the Role of AI in Research

In the dynamic landscape of research and publication, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a pivotal tool for scholars and editors alike. Recognizing the significance of AI, a Special Conference Day Workshop titled “Who is afraid of…AI? How AI can help you develop a paper for publication” is set to take place, featuring the esteemed Prof. Axel Kaehne, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Integrated Care and the Journal of Health Organization and Management.

Scheduled for the 15th of August 2024, from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM ICT at the Ambassador Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, the workshop aims to demystify AI in the realm of academic research. It promises to be a melting pot of insights for both budding and seasoned researchers keen on harnessing AI for their work.

Workshop Highlights

  • Introduction to AI Tools: Delve into the world of AI resources that are revolutionizing research methodologies and publication processes.
  • AI in Qualitative Data Analysis: Unpack how AI is transforming qualitative research, offering new dimensions of data interpretation.
  • Risks and Limitations: Navigate through the potential pitfalls and limitations of AI in research to ensure ethical and effective usage.

The workshop boasts an accessible entry fee of just $30 USD, making it an invaluable opportunity for all attendees. Moreover, it is a rare chance to engage directly with Prof. Kaehne, whose expertise in integrating AI with healthcare management and research is unparalleled.

To secure your spot in this groundbreaking event, interested participants are encouraged to register promptly. This can be a defining step towards enhancing your research papers and embracing the innovative edge that AI offers.

Registration and Contact Information

  • Register through the official website: publichealthconference.co
  • For direct inquiries, reach out to Ms. Dulmi Udage at +947 6867 0288 or via email: dulmi.u@tiikmedu.com.

In a world where AI is reshaping the very fabric of research and publication, this workshop stands as a beacon for academics worldwide. Don’t miss the chance to be at the forefront of this transformation!

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