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I would like to thank the organizer for providing lots of insights for the publication. I am so proud of taking participation in this conference in the sense that I got many constructive ideas for the paper writing and its publication at Scopus-indexed journal. The friendly interaction between experts from different areas and participants solved the problems to some extent especially the problems scholars are facing financially and processing while writing the paper to maintain its quality according to journal criteria. This conference encouraged me to write some research papers for publication to develop my academic carrier. I hope these types of conferences will be held in the future.   

Dr. Rita Karki

TIIKM Publishing is a top-notch research community. Let all purpose-driven researchers congregate here for serious businesses.

Sunday Nwangbo

Sunday Nwangbo


I attended a virtual conference on scholarly publishing you conducted on 30th August 2022. To be frankly speaking it was a brilliant wonderful academic event! I enjoyed and gained knowledge and skills to the extent of admiring the conference could be of two weeks or even more. The conference was educational. It moved me several steps ahead. I have improved a lot and I’m still filling some gaps every time I referring to the presentations of that day. Congratulations dear TIIKM members.
Session Speaker of the World Conference on Scholarly Publishing (WCSP) 2022
Dr. Leoncia H. Kibani
Thank you so much to the TIIKM support structures including Management, I am so grateful to have come across this powerful institution, helping to shape me in the academic space as a researcher. The World Conference on Scholarly Publishing Conference was an outstanding conference and well organized. The experiences and knowledge or skills gained in the conference have helped to shape my career as a researcher. The Conference offered me an opportunity to connect with colleagues, develop relationships for possible collaboration in future research projects.
Participant of the World Conference on Scholarly Publishing (WCSP) 2022
An insightful conference which opens the new horizons by connecting with great scholars and experts. A great way for the budding aspirants to understand the relationship between the academic research and the industrial applications. The organizing committee handles the issues and maintains the plan perfectly. Seamless interaction and approachability with the team enhances the quest of the knowledge. A great conference to learn the dimensions of the research and academic publishing. It’s an honor & privilege to be a speaker for the event!
Session Speaker of the World Conference on Scholarly Publishing (WCSP) 2022
Padmapriya Raghavan
WCSP 2022 was indeed a mind-blowing event, the knowledge, experience and exposure are worth gaining, it has increased my skills and developed my career. I can now even impact the knowledge on others
Participant of the World Conference on Scholarly Publishing (WCSP) 2022
TIIKM is a community that unites diverse enthusiastic researchers from all over the world to share challenges, support each other and discuss the latest trends in academic publishing.
Olga Yashenkova

I would like to commend the TIIKM Publishing team for organizing such a successful and engaging conference. The event brought together a diverse group of more than 400 attendees, including scholars, researchers, and professionals from various fields. The quality of the conference was outstanding, and the range of topics covered was truly impressive.

I was particularly impressed with the exceptional level of support provided by the TIIKM Publishing team. They were always available to address any concerns or questions, making sure that the participants’ needs were met promptly. The team’s expertise in scholarly publishing was evident in the insightful sessions and workshops offered during the conference, which greatly enriched our knowledge and understanding of the publishing industry.

Bushra Khalid

I recommend all upcoming researchers to publish their research findings with TIIKM Publishing.

Dr. Mwalimu Nicholas (Testimonial)

Dr. Mwalimu Nicholas

Kyambogo University, Uganda

It was an honor for me to meet the keynote speakers who shared substantial and practical knowledge on scholarly publishing. After listening to other conference presentations, I was highly motivated to advance my publication portfolio. I am looking forward to attending another TIIKM conference as well as publishing in the near future. The knowledge that I have obtained throughout the conference will be highly valuable for future publication processes.
Participant of the World Conference on Scholarly Publishing (WCSP) 2022

Jani Ranasinghe


I was really impressed with the TIIKM and the conference, World Conference on Scholarly Publishing.

It covered an important topic of equity in publishing and was attended by a large crowd (around 170 during my session). It is good to see a large audience interested in this and asking such thoughtful and pertinent questions. It was my pleasure being involved in the conference and look forward staying engaged with TIIKM.
Keynote Speaker of the World Conference on Scholarly Publishing (WCSP) 2022

Prof. Brian D. Fath
I am one of the successful participants of the WCSP 2022. I want to thank the TIIKM for the well thought of topics at the WCSP 2022. I gained a lot from the topics delivered by each of the presenters. Some of my major challenges and fears faced during the peer review process of my manuscript were discussed and feasible solutions were also suggested. It was a great honour to have listened experts.
Participant of the World Conference on Scholarly Publishing (WCSP) 2022
I really appreciate the opportunity given to by TIIKM. The conferences organized by TIIKM provided me with new ideas and lessons that could lead to publication and grant proposals. I am looking to my participation in other conferences that I will be participating in. Thank You TIIKM
Participant of TIIKM Conferences

TIIKM publishing is making publication possible for young researchers

Kwame Dogbey


TIIKM is a highly passionate community for all researchers around the world. It gives a boost to your manuscript publication

Mr. Yuichi Enosawa

I would really appreciate the kind helps from the conference secretariat. They resolves my problems quickly and professionally. Indeed, the ICOHT conference offer great opportunity for beginners to share knowledge, and publish their articles. In addition, the edition service is thoughtful, which provides me with alternative options. And editors also give me insightful suggestions on my paper

Mr. Yuichi Enosawa

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