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Workshop Recap: Dr. Indranil Bose on “How to Improve Citations in Research”

How to Improve Citations in Research

On June 18th, 2024, academic and research enthusiasts had the invaluable opportunity to attend a free workshop hosted by TIIKM, featuring Dr. Indranil Bose, a distinguished Professor and Vice President of Academics at Adamas University in Kolkata. The workshop, aptly titled “How to Improve Citations in Research,” provided attendees with expert insights and practical strategies to enhance their research citation practices.

Key Takeaways from Dr. Bose’s Workshop

Dr. Bose began the session with an overview of the importance of citations in scholarly work, emphasizing their role in ensuring academic integrity and fostering a network of knowledge that spans various disciplines. He outlined common pitfalls in citation practices and shared tips on avoiding them. Attendees were particularly engaged during the live demonstration of tools and software designed to help researchers manage their references more efficiently.

A significant portion of the workshop was dedicated to understanding different citation styles and their applications, tailored to the diverse fields represented by the audience. Dr. Bose highlighted the nuances of APA, MLA, and Chicago styles, providing clear examples that simplified these often-complex formatting rules.

One of the most appreciated segments was the interactive Q&A session, where participants discussed their specific challenges and received personalized advice from Dr. Bose. This not only clarified doubts but also fostered a collaborative environment where attendees shared their experiences and solutions.

Impact on the Attendees

The feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the clarity and depth of the information provided. Research students and young academics found the session particularly beneficial, noting an immediate improvement in their ability to cite sources correctly and efficiently.

Looking Forward

TIIKM has announced plans to host similar workshops in the future, given the success of this event. These sessions are part of a broader initiative to enhance research quality globally, by empowering researchers with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. Additionally, Dr. Bose has generously agreed to share a list of resources, including guides and templates, to further aid researchers in their academic endeavors.

Stay tuned for more such educational events that promise to enrich the academic community’s research capabilities.

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