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Publication Workshop: How to Develop a Literature Review Successfully Concludes with 90+ Participants

On the 3rd of May 2024, TIIKM successfully conducted a comprehensive publication workshop titled “How to Develop a Literature Review.” The free virtual event attracted over 90 participants from around the world, who gathered to gain insights into effective literature review strategies.



Highlights of the Workshop

The workshop was conducted by Associate Professor Dilhari De Almeida, Vice Chair of Education at the Department of Health Information Management, University of Pittsburgh, USA. Her expertise and experience in the field of literature review were evident throughout the session.



The event featured:

  • A detailed presentation covering key aspects of literature review development, including structuring, sourcing, and organizing research materials.
  • Interactive Q&A sessions, where attendees had the opportunity to ask questions directly to Prof. De Almeida.
  • Practical tips and real-world examples to illustrate effective literature review methodologies.


Participants learned:

  • How to approach literature review with a strategic plan?
  • Techniques for sourcing and curating high-quality academic research materials.
  • Best practices for organizing and presenting research findings effectively.
  • Common pitfalls to avoid in literature review writing.


Engagement and Feedback

The interactive Q&A session was particularly engaging, as Prof. De Almeida addressed specific participant queries with tailored advice. Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many noting the practical value and applicability of the workshop content.


Upcoming Events

TIIKM continues to support academic excellence and knowledge sharing through such workshops and conferences. The organization invites participants to stay tuned for future events and workshops that focus on various aspects of academic research and publication.



For more information and updates, visit publichealthconference.co.



Publication Workshop

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