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Getting Your Article Published in Journals Like Media Asia

Getting Your Article Published in Journals Like Media Asia

Successful Conclusion of Publication Workshop at 9th World Conference on Media and Mass Communication 2024.

The 9th World Conference on Media and Mass Communication 2024 recently hosted a highly successful Publication Workshop focused on navigating the intricacies of getting articles published in prestigious journals like Media Asia. The workshop, proudly presented by the conference, provided invaluable insights and guidance to aspiring authors seeking to enhance their scholarly contributions.

Led by esteemed Workshop Speaker, Associate Professor Danilo Araña Arao, the event proved to be enlightening and informative. Assoc. Prof. Arao, renowned for his expertise in journalism and academia, currently serves as an associate professor at the Department of Journalism, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication in Diliman, Quezon City. Additionally, he holds a faculty affiliation with the Center for International Studies (CIS) at UP Diliman and serves as a special lecturer at the Department of Journalism, College of Communication, Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Notably, Assoc. Prof. Arao is the esteemed editor of Media Asia, a peer-reviewed journal published by the Asian Media Information and Communication (AMIC) Centre and Routledge Taylor & Francis Group.

Drawing from his wealth of experience and expertise, Assoc. Prof. Arao guided participants through various aspects of the publication process. Attendees gained invaluable insights into preparing manuscripts effectively, understanding the expectations of editors and reviewers, navigating the peer review process, and addressing common reasons for paper rejections. The workshop also shed light on crucial steps to take before submitting revised papers and provided a comprehensive overview of the publication process from submission to acceptance.

Throughout the workshop, participants had the opportunity to engage in insightful discussions, ask questions, and glean insights from Assoc. Prof. Arao’s extensive knowledge. The event served as a platform for aspiring authors to gain practical tips and strategies for successfully navigating the competitive world of academic publishing.

The successful conclusion of the Publication Workshop marks another milestone in the ongoing efforts of the 9th World Conference on Media and Mass Communication to empower and support researchers in their scholarly endeavors. Aspiring authors are encouraged to apply the valuable insights gained from the workshop to enhance the quality and impact of their research contributions.

For more information about future events and initiatives by the 9th World Conference on Media and Mass Communication, please visit [https://mediaconference.co].

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