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Successful Completion of Workshop on “How to Produce a Good Conference Paper”

Successful Completion of Workshop on “How to Produce a Good Conference Paper”

On January 22, 2024, a pre-conference workshop titled ” How to Produce a Good Conference Paper ” provided a platform for academics to hone their publishing skills. Prof. Axel Kaehne, an esteemed figure in academic publishing and integrated care, shared his expertise on navigating the journey from conference presentation to respected publication.


Prof. Kaehne emphasized the importance of peer-reviewed journals in building academic reputation and contributing to one’s field. He outlined the critical distinctions between conference papers and journal manuscripts. While conference papers are excellent for sharing preliminary findings, journal manuscripts demand a more profound depth of content, methodological rigor, and comprehensive analysis.


The workshop delved into the STROBE checklists, a set of guidelines that offer structure to research reporting, particularly in epidemiology. Prof. Kaehne underscored the necessity of a clear rationale linked to existing literature, detailed method descriptions for replicability, comprehensive data presentation, and the effective visual representation of data.


Furthermore, the discussion highlighted the cognitive process behind writing, the significance of detailed planning, and the benefits of peer feedback. The peer review process was demystified, encouraging resilience and adaptability in response to criticism.


Prof. Kaehne’s workshop didn’t just offer a roadmap for publication but also a glimpse into the meticulous craft of academic writing. It was a clarion call to aspiring researchers to produce work that withstands the scrutiny of the academic community and contributes to the ever-evolving landscape of public health knowledge.

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