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Successful Completion of 2nd Pre-conference Workshop at WCWS 2023

Sundari Anitha who is a professor of Gender, Violence and Work at University of Lincoln, UK, moderated a workshop on “”Publishing in High-Impact Journals: Insights from Editors and Reviewers” in parallel to the 9th International Conference on Women’s Study (WCWS) 2023 on 1st of May2023.


This workshop provided the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to write a successful scientific paper in the following areas.


  1. Review levels, and dealing with review comments.
  2. Preparing and submitting manuscripts
  3. Publication process in a journal


Participants got the opportunity to clear out their questions at the end of the workshop. Participants of this workshop gained valuable insight into the process of writing scientific papers and an understanding of the fundamentals and techniques needed for success in this field.

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