The 2nd World Conference on

Scholarly Publishing 2023

Theme: "Publishing in an Uncertain Age: Disparity in Scholarly Publishing"

Welcome to WCSP 2023!

Welcome to the 2nd World Conference on Scholarly Publishing (WCSP 2023) which will be held on 19th – 20th May 2023 in Virtual Platform. We hope WCSP 2023 will unite diverse researchers and discover the latest trends and challenges in the field of scholarly publishing at this leading conference. Enjoy everything the Virtual Conference has to offer.

Conference Purpose

Empowering the intellectuals in the academic to debate, discuss and share knowledge on Scholarly Publishing to reduce the gap between the global South and the global North in terms of Academic publication.

Conference Tracks

  • National Trends in Scholarly Publishing
  • Tool on Scholarly Publishing
  • Resources on Scholarly Publishing
  • Global Trends in Scholarly Publishing

  • Global Trends in Research Collaboration
  • New Trends in Research and Publications
  • Data management
  • Collaborative Research Visibility
  • Productivity and Visibility in Research

  • Open Access Vs. Closed Access
  • Copyrights, Plagiarism and Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Changing Landscapes on Open Access
  • Global Trends in Academic Writing

Why Join WCSP 2023?

Opportunities to meet, interact, & forge powerful professional relationships

The chance to stay ahead of your competition

You’ll know the current trends in publication across the world and available opportunities

There is no limit to the number of participants

A slew of benefits for only USD 15

The opportunity to make a name for yourself

WCSP Participation




Resource Persons

Prof. Brian D. Fath

Conference Co-Chairs

Professor, Towson University, USA
Former Editor in Chief, journal Ecological Modelling
Editor-in-Chief, journal Current Research in Environmental Sustainability
Editor-in-Chief, Handbook of Environmental Management

Mr. Isanka P. Gamage

Conference Co-Chairs

Co-Founder and Managing Director

The International Institute of Knowledge Management

Prof. Axel Kaehne 

Keynote Speaker

Reader Health Services Research
Medical School
Edge Hill University

Prof. Dr. Haitham M. Alzoubi

Keynote Speaker


Topic: “Developing a manuscript that appeals to an international audience and reviewer pool.”

Prof. Stephanie Moller

University of North Carolina at Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Editor of Social Science Research
Director of Public Policy Doctoral Program,
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, North Carolina,

Session Speaker

Dr. Mahsa Alinasab

Urmia University,

Prof. Javad Gholami

Urmia University, Urima


Read on to find out what they have o say about wcsp 2022!

An insightful conference which opens the new horizons by connecting with great scholars and experts. A great way for the budding aspirants to understand the relationship between the academic research and the industrial applications. The organizing committee handles the issues and maintains the plan perfectly. Seamless interaction and approachability with the team enhances the quest of the knowledge. A great conference to learn the dimensions of the research and academic publishing. It’s an honor & privilege to be a speaker for the event!

Padmapriya Raghavan
Padmapriya Raghavan
Micro-Entrepreneur, Divine India, France

The community that unites diverse enthusiastic researchers from all over the world to share challenges, support each other and discuss the latest trends in academic publishing.

Olga Yashenkova
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

I attended a virtual conference on scholarly publishing you conducted on 30th August 2022. To be frankly speaking it was a brilliant wonderful academic event! I enjoyed and gained knowledge and skills to the extent of admiring the conference could be of two weeks or even more. The conference was educational. It moved me several steps ahead. I have improved a lot and I’m still filling some gaps every time I referring to the presentations of that day. Congratulations dear TIIKM members.

Dr. Leoncia H. Kibani
Dr. Leoncia H. Kibani
Mbeya University of Science and Technology,

I was really impressed with the TIIKM and the conference, World Conference on Scholarly Publishing. It covered an important topic of equity in publishing and was attended by a large crowd (around 170 during my session). It is good to see a large audience interested in this and asking such thoughtful and pertinent questions. It was my pleasure being involved in the conference and look forward staying engaged with TIIKM.

Prof. Brian D. Fath
Towson University, USA

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