• Asmaripa Ainy Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia,
  • Pujiyanto



determinant, enrollment, health insurance, informal sector


The health insurance schemes are implemented to achieve universal coverage
through covering medical expenses that emerge due to an illness. This study was a
systematic review to identify and analyze factors associated with health insurance
enrollment for the informal sector that dominates the workforce in most developing
countries. Six databases, namely: PubMed, Taylor and Francis online (Tandfonline),
Science Direct, Scopus, Journal Storage (JSTOR) and Google Scholar were systematically
traced in September-October 2020 to identify English-language research that analyzed the
determinants of health insurance enrollment for the informal sector and published in the
period 2010-2020. A total of 15 articles both quantitative and mix-methods analysis were
included after final assessment. Most of the studies was conducted in Africa and Asia and
only one article was conducted in Latin America. All studies demonstrated several factors
associated to health insurance registration including sociodemographic characteristics,
knowledge, chronic disease, information, and health service utilization, premium, subsidy,
health status, trust, and capital, drug provision, perceived susceptibility, perceive
seriousness, perceived benefit, family and social support. Findings from this systematic
review can be encourage for policy-makers interested in expansion of health insurance
membership for informal workers especially in developing countries.



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