• Meiske Elisabeth Koraag



Earthquake, DHF, Outbreak


The earthquake can cause a potential transmission of the disease after the disaster. One of
the infectious diseases that could potentially be a post-earthquake outbreak is Dengue Hemorrhagic
Fever (DHF). The earthquake, followed by a tsunami and liquefaction that struck Palu's city, Sigi's
regency, and the regency of Donggala in Central Sulawesi in September 2018, led to the increased
transmission of the dengue hemorrhagic fever disease in all three regions. This research aims to
determine the incidence rate of DHF in the affected areas of the earthquake disaster in Central
Sulawesi. The data used involved the number of DHF cases before and after the earthquake (2015-
2019) in Palu, Sigi, and Donggala. The data was obtained from the Health Office of Central
Sulawesi Province. The results of the analysis showed that the Incidence Rate (IR) of DHF in 2019
was 165.94 (Palu), 77.13 (Sigi), and 62.86 (Donggala). Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever's IR increased
after the earthquake in Palu, Sigi, and Donggala in 2019 that marked the outbreak of DHF in all three
regions. The highest increase in the DHF cases was found in Palu. The efforts to improve the health
system are needed by strengthening DHF diagnosis, DHF case reporting, vector surveillance, active
temephos distribution, and community empowerment to reduce DHF vector breeding sites.


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Meiske Elisabeth Koraag / Incidence Of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever After The…………

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