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Vol. 7 No. 02 (2023): Proceedings of the International Conference on Agriculture

Experience the vibrant exchange of knowledge and ideas at the 9th International Conference on Agriculture 2022. Held virtually from 11th to 12th August 2022, this prestigious event, organized by The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM) in Sri Lanka, centered around the theme of "Sustainable Utilization of Resources in Agriculture: Way of Food Security and Safety."

With the participation of 85+ delegates from 26 countries, the conference provided an exceptional platform for experts, researchers, and practitioners to share their valuable insights and experiences from diverse perspectives. By focusing on innovative approaches and sustainable practices in agriculture, the discussions aimed to address the pressing challenges of ensuring food security and safety while optimizing resource utilization.

Through a convenient virtual platform, this international gathering fostered collaboration, meaningful discussions, and networking opportunities. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from each other, engage in productive conversations, and form connections that can drive advancements in the field of agriculture.

Published: 2023-05-31
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