Aims and Scope

Proceedings of the International Conference on Gender and Sexuality is dedicated to stimulating research and interdisciplinary studies in relation to various aspects of women.

Proceedings of the International Conference on Gender and Sexuality aims to disseminate knowledge derived from empirical and theoretical studies on the Gender and Sexuality. The scope of the proceedings encompasses major branches of Gender and Sexuality including artistic, cultural, economic, geographic, historical, literary, political, psychological, and social aspects of gender and sexuality.

The proceedings mainly focuses on publishing manuscripts related to the following fields,


  • Gender/Sexuality in Social work
  • Feminist studies on Gender and/or sexuality
  • Gender/Sexuality and rights
  • Socio-Cultural conditions that impinge on Gender/Sexuality
  • Gender/Sexuality, Power and Development
  • Civil Society and Gender/Sexuality rights
  • Religion and Gender/Sexuality
  • Gender Relations
  • Gender and conflict, violence, security and peace building
  • Persecution and exclusion of Non-conforming people
  • Gender/Sexuality Education
  • Gender/Sexuality Discrimination
  • Gender based violence
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender/Sexuality and Political participation
  • Gender/Sexuality and legal systems
  • Sociology of Gender/Sexuality
  • Gender, Sexuality and Society
  • Gender/Sexuality and Health
  • Gender/ Sexuality and Economy
  • Gender/Sexuality and disability
  • Gender/ Sexuality in Art, Culture, Literature and Media Studies
  • Gender/Sexuality and Technology
  • Gender/Sexuality in the workplace
  • Gender/Sexuality and refugees/displaced people

Read the Instructions for Authors  for information on how to submit your article. Make sure that you read the Publication Ethics  before making the submission.