Sustainable Gender Equity Influenced by an Americanized Lebanese Pedagogy


  • M Al-Abbas Lebanese American University, Lebanon
  • J Oneissi Lebanese American University, Lebanon



gender equity, women in science, authorship, allyship, scholarly publication


Gender representation and equity is a quintessential aspect of higher education, as research has shown higher level of research engagement between students and faculty of similar ethnicity, culture, or gender. Therefore, to promote increased student engagement and interest in pursuing graduate education across these groups, proper efforts and policies should be put in place to provide equitable and heterogenous representation. This study quantifies the importance of gender representation by employing a bibliometric analysis of female and male student engagement in research led by female or male faculty counterparts. The scope is the Lebanese American University and respective scholarly publications, due to its unique dichotomy of being an American-charted university, with American policies and international faculty, in a patriarchal Middle Eastern country. Our findings demonstrate that in 2020, 72.7% of publications with a female last author had a female first author, while only 52.4% of male last authors had a female first author. Whereas in 2021, the numbers decreased to 57.1% and 33.3%, respectively, likely due to COVID-19 prompting a decrease in published articles in female-led subjects. The elevated frequency of collaboration between first and last female authors illustrates increased engagement between students and faculty of the female gender, heightened by an effort to combat existing inequalities in representation. This is furthered by the comparable frequency of male and female student collaborations with male last authors, which could indicate some form of allyship to promote gender equity in research groups.


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