Aims and Scope

Proceedings of the International Conference on Education is dedicated to stimulating research and interdisciplinary studies in relation to all forms of Education.

The principal aim of Proceedings of the International Conference on Education is to cover any aspect of research into the broad topics of Education, Education Mobility and Global trends in Education. It is devoted to disseminate knowledge and establish channels of communication among academics, research experts, Scholars, policymakers and Education institutions.

The proceedings publish original scientific research papers, review papers and case studies dealing with Education.

The proceedings mainly focuses on publishing manuscripts related to the following fields,

  • Effective Technology in the Classroom
  • Innovative Educational Practices
  • Culturally Linguistically Diverse Students
  • Training Educators to Work with Students from Diverse Backgrounds
  • Professional Development
  • Using Technology to Reach Every Child
  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
  • Improving Instructional Methodologies
  • Brain and Behavior: Implications for Teaching
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Qualitative Research in the Classroom
  • Teachers and Principals as Researchers

Read the Author Guidelines for information on how to submit your article. Make sure that you read the Publication Ethics before making the submission.