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Prof. Anura Manatunga is a Senior Professor in Archaeology at the Department of Archaeology and the Director of the Centre for Heritage Studies, University of Kelaniya

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Dr. Ravindra N. Singh,Banaras Hindu University, India

Prof. Anura Manathunga, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

Dr. Sushama Deo,Deccan College Post Graduate and Reearch Institute, India

Prof. Sonia Jasrotia,University of Jammu, India

Prof. Clara Samanto,Centre for Intercultural Studies (CEI),Portugal

Prof. Ram Nandan Singh,University of Jammu, India

Prof. Robin Coningham,Durham University,United Kingdom

Dr. Saumya Chavan,SAARC Cultural Centre

Prof. Atul Tripaty,Banaras Hindu University, India

Prof. Vasant Shinde,National Maritime Heritage Complex, India

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Ms. Tharindi Wijesinghe (tharindi.wijesinghe@tiikmedu.com )

Ms. Sachithra Irugalbandara (sachithra.irugalbandara@tiikmedu.com )

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