• Surabhi Pandey NBA Group of Institutions
Keywords: Human Rights, Media, Role of Media, Democracy, Functions of Media


Human Rights reporting is one of the most debated topics not only in India but all across the globe. The fact is that both – human rights and media happen to be among the most talked-about spheres of the modern era. Furthermore, these two facets evolve and redefine the contemporary age in multiple ways. The role of media in safeguarding human rights is quite properly laid and well defined. However, with growing competition after landmark changes like privatization and the advent of internet; there have been a lot of debates on ethical reporting of human rights issues. How much weightage should these issues be given? What is the “right way” of reporting such stories? To what extent is sensationalizing stories to survive in the market correct? Is it right to place Human Rights stories above the primary role of the fourth estate, which is to inform? The objective of this study is to understand current media practices and their effectiveness in upholding human rights. In addition, the study also aims at critically analyzing the ongoing standard of gate keeping and reporting in context of human rights. Through content analysis, primary and secondary research as well as surveys; this study attempts to understand the right balance between ethical reporting and ‘over highlighting’/sensationalizing.


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Pandey, S. (2017). MEDIA PRACTICES: HUMAN RIGHTS REPORTING – A BURNING CHALLENGE. Proceedings of the World Conference on Media and Mass Communication, 2(1), 58-62.