• Philip Effiom Ephraim Higher Colleges of Technology RKWC




Louvre Abu Dhabi, UAE, culture policy, social media, communication


For almost two decades, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been on a mission to boost its culture sector through projects that promote cultural enrichment, openness and tolerance, a move from previously conservative notions. This new cultural movement has witnessed the birth of several new museums of which Louvre Abu Dhabi stands out as a museum that celebrates global cultures. In the wake of new media technologies and new online audiences, museums need to carefully plan their communication strategy. A mixed analysis of data revealed Louvre Abu Dhabi’s strategic use of social media in its communication planning. The study observed the use of corporate foresight in media selection and strategic messaging through images, questions and audience anticipation. The study argues that social media plays a critical role in helping Louvre Abu Dhabi fulfill its cultural function of promoting intercultural understanding by providing platforms to attract audiences and gain feedback.


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