• Syed Muhammad Saqib Saleem Forman Christian College (A Chartered University)
  • Muhammad Waseem Freelance Researcher
Keywords: Virtual Communities, Cultural Transformation, Social Media, Virtual World


The study was carried out for gauging the impact of virtual communities on cultural transformation of youth in Lahore. The main objectives of the study were to explore and analyze the ongoing cultural transformation due to the existence of virtual communities and also to examine the threats, organic/traditional communities face. In order to achieve these objectives researchers have used triangulation method of research. Data was collected by using quota sampling from two public and two private sector universities, University of the Punjab, University of Education, Forman Christian College, University and Beaconhouse National University. The findings of the study conclude that virtual communities play vital role in transformation of material and non-material culture among youth. Online world is threateningly taking place of traditional world. Family and education is being affected the most due to excessive involvement with social media and online communities. Youth is more likely to get influenced by discourses on virtual world. However, virtual communities seem to have less significance over real communities in terms of religion related influences. The study also concludes that social media has gone by the level of extreme addiction among youth which damages the patterns of social interactions of youth.


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Saleem, S., & Waseem, M. (2017). IMPACT OF VIRTUAL COMMUNITIES ON CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION. Proceedings of the World Conference on Media and Mass Communication, 2(1), 63-76.